Second World

A Moroccan agency specialized in gaming & esports
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Our identity.

Second World is a Moroccan digital communication agency born from a passion for gaming and esports. We actively participate in the development of these disciplines, help their ecosystems to flourish, to make it profitable at all levels and for all its actors.

In this sense, we aim to professionalize and structure gaming and esports in Morocco, to transform this industry into a socio-economic force that can create tens of thousands of jobs and make Morocco the African hub of esports.

Our Values

"Creating a better world for our passion." This is our motto at Second World and represents our identity, vision, and mission. It encompasses our core values:


Our will to act and our decision to undertake were driven by our passion and love for gaming and esports.


Innovation is at the heart of what we do, we take the initiative and create the trends that others will follow.


The quality of our work is our top priority. Being the best player in this industry is not a choice for us, it's a lifestyle.

The Founders.

« Trust me, I'm an engineer! », engineers united by a common passion for gaming & esport.


Younes Lesfer


Those who set the trend are more successful than those who follow it. As a computer engineer, my passion for games and esports has brought me to where I am today, turning dreams into reality, the dream of a second world, a better world.


El Mehdi Bouzidi Idrissi

IT Manager

Scientists discover the world that exists, engineers create the world that never existed, a second world". A computer engineer who does his best to keep his promises. Keep playing, keep having fun!


Yahya Rahali

Projects Manager

A vision without action is just a dream. A vision with action can change the world. As an industrial engineer, passionate and inspired, I am determined to make a difference and build a second world.

Creating a better world for our passion!

Second World

Our Experience.

The experience accumulated along these years of activity (since 2015) has allowed us to assimilate a refined panoply of skills and to acquire an in-depth knowledge of the local market, positioning Second World as the reference in the gaming & esports sector in Morocco.

Besides, we are in constant improvement through research and development, always listening to the market and its expectations, to establish ourselves as a leader in this industry in Morocco and offer our customers efficient and innovative solutions, whatever their needs or challenges.

Our Ecosystem.

Our objective in Second World is to accompany any person, physical or moral, wishing to join the gaming & esports industry in Morocco, leveraging our experience, knowledge, tools, and services.

In this direction, we work with all the actors in the gaming ecosystem and offer everyone a customized solution according to their needs and objectives.



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Let's go!

A vision without action is just a dream! Take the first step and contact us to discuss your needs, we will accompany you until the success of your projects.