Esports: An exponential market.

With $950.6 million in revenues in 2019 and 22.4% annual growth, the global esports industry is experiencing a phenomenal expansion that promises to surpass the traditional sports industry.
Don't miss this opportunity to act and take advantage of it, esports are not the future, esports are already the present.


Moroccan Gamers

Yes, there are more than 10 million gamers in Morocco. In other words, almost 30% of the total Moroccan population, play video games on all platforms: computers, consoles, mobiles, online and offline.


Esports Enthusiasts

1.1 million Moroccans practice esport and participate in competitions on video games. They increasingly consume digital content such as videos, live broadcasts of competitions and tournaments ...


Annual growth

Esports annual audience growth of 11%. Moreover, the emerging nature of the Moroccan market indicates that this growth will continue to accelerate in the coming years. Soon esports will overtake traditional sports ...

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